Beach Volleyball Camps in Honolulu, HI

Consistency and regular play on the sand will not only improve your overall beach volleyball skills but will also prepare you for a successfull indoor volleyball season. Attending a training camp is a great way to learn the fundamentals of beach volleyball - an Olympic sport since 1996 and a collegiate sport supported by full scholarships by more than 165 NCAA D1 schools. To attend our camps: Minimum experience required: 2 years of club volleyball (beach or indoor), basic technical skills aquired and ability to raly over the net. As part of our sustainable life style efforts, we ban plastic from our courts. So please bring a reusable bottle, a Hydroflask filled with water, biodegradable or reef safe sunscreen and a comfortable beach clothes. Wanna train in swim suite? Thats OK with us. As long as you are comfortable diving and getting sandy, you can chose your own training clothes. To reserve a spot for the most upcoming event, email coach at [email protected] with a subject "event name" + dates OR book online if booking is still available for the dates you chose. SEE YOU AT THE BEACH!

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