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Strength and Natural Development

S.A.N.D. is a training program created to support and train the growing body of the junior athlete. Great for beach volleyball, indoor volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball, football, softball players. Use of traditional weights at an early age ( 10-18 ) can be detrimental for the teenager's capacity to grow tall. The choice of training program also affects the overall weight gain of the teenage body, the muscle distribution, quality of posture and affects susceptibility to potential future injuries. S.A.N.D. uses biomechanical and physiological principles to adjust the training load of each individual athlete and prevent injuries in the future years of their career. During this program, athletes learn how to coordinate their bodies on an uneven surface ( sand ), how to control disbalance and thus create core strength and stability, and how to use for their sport specific training elastic bands, medicine balls, and own body weight. S.A.N.D. develops their bodies in a natural way. The program focuses on all different physical qualities: endurance + special endurance; speed; vertical jump; strength; agility; reaction time; visual coordination - hand/eye/ball coordination and injurie prevention through proper warm up/cool down routines. S.A.N.D. is an ongoing, 2 month long program. Email Coach Eva for current start dates, details and how to sign up! Cost: $1250

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